About us

Social Impact Partners (SIP) is a Hong Kong-based venture philanthropy firm. Our mission is to enable sustainable change to systemic social issues.

As a financing and strategic partner to growth-stage social purpose organisations, we create tailored solutions that help develop the sustainability and scalability that social purpose organisations (SPOs) (non-profit organisations and social enterprises) need to achieve organisational maturity.

Central to our approach is our fundamental investing discipline: While we ourselves are not-for-profit, we evaluate all potential SPO partners with the same rigour and due diligence as would a traditional investor deciding a portfolio opportunity. We are also distinctly equipped to drive rapid and effective organisational improvement: When SPOs partner with us, they are also partnering with our extensive network of world-class professional experts, long-term funding partners and global industry leaders. By leveraging this network, SIP maximises its investment capital and services to deliver an exponential return on positive social impact.

Since 2014, we have been empowering SPO scale-ups and driving positive social impact across diverse communities in Hong Kong. Our model is built on two strategic pillars: funding and capacity building.

We provide fully integrated funding, strategic support and governance

  • Deliver long-term funding to SPOs: A significant challenge today is that funding is erratic and project-based, while multiple funding relationships require management to divert limited resources to relationship management and away from managing the organisation. Project-based funding also goes towards specific objectives rather than to sustain the core business of the SPO.
  • Build capacity for long-term scalability: Optimised organisational strategy and operations must develop in parallel to long-term funding to enable SPOs to deliver sustainable social impact.
  • Maintain transparency, performance measurement and portfolio accountability.

We provide a comprehensive network of strategic partners

Funding Partners

  • High net worth individuals
  • Family foundations; Chen Yet-Sen Foundation, Fu Tak Iam Foundation
  • Foundations of private equity firms; All Stars Investment, Baring Private Equity Asia, CVC Capital

Professional Partners

  • World-class experts in strategy, governance, communications and operations
  • Volunteer as long-term institutional partners

Industry Network

  • Global venture philanthropy firms such as Impetus-PEF in the UK, New Profit in the US and Social Investment Partners in Japan
  • Venture philanthropy networks like Asia Venture Philanthropy Network

If you would like to get involved, please contact us.