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The application process

To submit your proposal, please follow the steps below. Please read our investment approach and review our investment criteria, as these will answer many of the questions you may have to determine whether Social Impact Partners is a good match for your organisation. Due to the volume of applications, unfortunately, we are only able to respond to submissions of interest.

Review our
investment criteria

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Step 1 – Review our investment criteria

Target profile of organisations we would consider for investment in our portfolio.

  1. Potential impact of social purpose organisation (SPO)
  2. Organisational growth potential and the ability to sustain in the long term
  3. Capabilities of leadership and management team
Geography:Hong Kong
Size of investment:HKD 0.5 to 3 million
Investment period:Periodic disbursements over 3 to 5 years vs.
performance indicators
Stage:Early-mid stage organisation in the process of scaling.
Start up enterprises / organisations are not considered
Background:Values venture philanthropy approach for capacity
building involving financial and intellectual capital
Focus Areas:1) Good health and well-being (SDG 3)
2) Reduced inequalities (SDG 10)
3) Climate action (SDG 13)

Step 2 – Create your executive summary

An Executive Summary is an under 10-page overview of your operations. We look for concise summaries which address the key questions below.

  1. Social Issue
    What key social issues are you addressing? What is the social need? What is your vision and purpose?
  2. Strategy/Product
    What strategy/product do you use to address this problem and achieve your social mission? Who does it reach? Is the model scalable? Does it hold potential to invoke systemic change?
  3. Results
    Describe your achievements in terms of measurable outcomes.
  4. Governance and management
    Describe profile of management team and Board members. Provide organisational chart. Highlight any issues or gaps.
  5. Finances
    Provide audited financials of three previous fiscal years.
  6. Fundraising
    Discuss fundraising profile; who are your key supporters? Diversity of fundraising base; % individuals, % family foundations, % government? Restricted vs. unrestricted funding? Donations vs earned income? How long are existing funders committed for and are they willing to extend? Who are prospective funders?
  7. Risks
    What are the risks that may result in failure to achieve your goals and targets; including operational risks and external risks? What is the mitigation strategy for such risks?
  8. Investment Amount
    Investment Amount requested from SIP? Any preferred format? (e.g. loan, equity, convertible loan)
  9. Conclusions/Summary
    Why we should support your organisation?

Step 3 – Submit your application

After you have reviewed our investment criteria and determined that your organisation could be a fit, please fill out the application form below and upload a PDF of your Executive Summary.

Please email with any questions.


Application form

    Upload your Executive Summary

    A meeting will be scheduled if it is deemed to be a good fit based on the submitted Executive Summary, with further opportunities to present detailed business/ operational plans.