SIP Commits HK$0.5 million Loan to OnMyGrad

Hong Kong, 6 April 2023 – Social Impact Partners (“SIP”), a pioneering venture philanthropy fund in Hong Kong, announces its investment of a HK$0.5 million loan to OnMyGrad, a career learning community for talented young people who can learn how to choose and land their dream jobs.

OnMyGrad aims to establish a universal channel for tertiary education students from all different backgrounds and eliminate the information gap brought by socio-economic inequality in their “School-to-work” transition. OnMyGrad democratizes the job search process by leveraging corporate resources and providing information that was previously only available to elite students, echoing the initiative of SDG 10 – Reduced inequalities.

OnMyGrad also provides a one-stop solution for campus recruiters to promote their vacancies, to engage and hire top talents with half of the original efforts. With the Company, corporates can build profiles and create effective engagement campaigns. Not only can corporates attract applications, but they can also screen and assess talents with real work references at the same time.

SIP recognizes OnMyGrad’s social impact generated by their strategic solutions and business potential in the face of challenging recruitment market. With financial support from SIP, OnMyGrad is going to further grow its online community and help more graduates build a comprehensive career path by narrowing the information gap.

Furthermore, comprehensive due diligence performed by SIP’s strategic partners, including Charltons, Grant Thornton and ALS, helped facilitate this investment decision.

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