SIP Commits HK$0.5 million Loan to Snaildy

Hong Kong, 5 July 2023 – Social Impact Partners (“SIP”), a pioneering venture philanthropy fund in Hong Kong, announces its investment of a HK$0.5 million loan in Snaildy, an innovative online system designed to support teachers serving Special Education Needs (SEN) students.

Snaildy specializes in creating a tightly interconnected intelligence ecosystem for SEN services, with a vision to support the growth of SEN students and foster inclusivity within communities, families, and schools. By leveraging technological intelligence, Snaildy aims to bridge the gap between SEN students and the majority population, aligning with the goals of SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

The platform streamlines SEN-related tasks for Hong Kong schools, providing a unified platform for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCo) and teaching staff. It enables efficient management of SEN student data, ensures privacy while facilitating information access, and expedites activity and service quotations. By enhancing administrative efficiency and minimizing teacher workload, Snaildy allows educators to dedicate more time and effort to teaching and caring for SEN students.

Snaildy's platform, based on the concept of "Inclusive Communication," connects the complete support network for SEN students. It ensures the continuity of support records from preschool rehabilitation services to employment support, facilitating vocational matching for students graduating from secondary school. Additionally, Snaildy strengthens communication and collaboration between parents and teachers, while also promoting knowledge-sharing among schools regarding specific SEN cases and experiences.

SIP recognizes the significant social impact generated by Snaildy's extensive support network for SEN individuals. With SIP's financial backing, Snaildy plans to further develop its SEN school support system platform and expand its reach to support SEN organizations, parents, and schools.

The investment decision was facilitated by comprehensive due diligence conducted by SIP's strategic partners, including Charltons, PwC, and ALS.

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